The Golden Unicorn

At 24 years of age Zyek is still trying to get shit in order!


I’m a full-time college student in my last semester of college which I will gain my Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. I have a loving and supportive doggie named KING; but no babies yet! My passions for photography, dance, sewing and CHEESE (both the food and the money) keep me focused and grounded. I’m a growing woman and i’m perfectly fine with that because I never want to be Grown.

Ultimately, I really feel like my purpose is to help people and I’m working on fuffilling  that by spreading love to everyone that I exchange energies with especially through my writing. The energy you put out is the energy you get back. I’m very open and honest; feel free to email me for anything, The Climax has a very confidential open door policy and I’m more than happy to use my gifts to help others.

Embrace the YOUniverse….